May 10, 2012

friends/classmates/course-mates/house-mates or roomates

KAWAN. Basically, kawan ley terdiri daripada siapa2 saja. no matter what are their religions, gender, age, and blablabla3. For me, boys are better as friends than girls.

WHY?? Because..
     *boys are not dramatic.
     *they are more loyal & honest towards friends rather than their GFs.
     *they willing to share problems, secrets, things and other things.
     *they don't cry over small matters.
     *they are not being judgemental towards people.
     *they can be sarcastic, but only with the truth
     *they gave GOOD advices!
      and so many more reasonssss...

So, I wanna thanks my BOY-FRIENDS that are always being good to me, like Hakim Muhiddin, Syahmi Amir, Alan Kwang, Ma'wa Awesome, Dek Mat and others.

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